Authenticity –
the courage
to be yourself

I am Flyde

“Flyde” literally means to flow or moving with the flow in Danish. “Flyde” also refers to flying high, but gently and considerately of yourself and your loved ones.

I am Mieneke

I am productivity coach. I clean and organise your digital workplace and train you to let go of dead weight. Allowing you to perform well at work and making you grow in your own, personal direction.

I am

Industrial Engineer

As an Industrial Engineer I have years of experience in the most varying businesses. I match with your industry and your company culture quickly.


Analytical, sharp-eyed and intuition based on experience, I use all three to get to the essence of your issue quickly and provide clarity. After that we immediately move to action!


Visible results matter, right from the start. My method is elegant and simple, minimal structure for maximal results. Your job is complex by itself and you definitely do not need more complexity.


As mum of two I have worked 20 hours, 30 hours and 40+ hours, including business travel. I even was a stay-at-home mum for some time. My advice? Make sure it works for you and your family.


I am Dutch with the infamous directness, but I have also worked in various European countries and love to backpack the world. As a family we lived and worked in Germany, this has given me a broad view on work-life balance.

Independent and Authentic

Success is personal, I’m not afraid to divert from the usual expectations. Because I want to stay true to my own personality and responsibilities in life. That is what I want for you as well.

Outdoor person

I can hike for hours, preferably with a fresh breeze in my hair and the sea or other water close by. Wind and water, they stand for freedom and flow, this is how I recharge.

My resume

An Msc in Agricultural System Sciences and a Professional Doctorate in Industrial Engineering, both give me a solid, analytical base. However, I soon discovered that communication is what makes working life fun and challenging, I hate to admit this as a science person!

In the 20 years that followed, I have increased my expertise in supply chain and production planning. The industries were diverse: KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) being the most well-known company. Lesser known but at least as interesting are the bioscience companies from the Ireland-based Kerry and British/German AB Enzymes. Each company had its own specifics and challenges, I met these with common sense and contagious enthusiasm and love for my profession.

The experience that still shapes me today is my Lean Master Black Belt role at the high-tech Fluke, a US-based Danaher company. A relief to see so much common sense vigorously applied via their lean tools. However most importantly I experienced what a difference it makes when a company empowers, challenges and energises their employees, every single day and from board room to shop floor. This drive to improve within and beyond the circle of influence is still my main inspiration as productivity coach.

For all companies I had assignments abroad, however, the real challenge was moving with my family to southwest Germany for six years. Only a four-hour drive from the Netherlands, it was a world of difference, I found it hard as working mum with kids. This experience made me both humble and self-assured, it broadened my view even further. It paved the way to start my coaching business.

Since 2020 I am a certified professional organiser, specialised in business processes. As a professional organiser it brings together everything that I have done so far: I want you to achieve excellent results and have fun at work, whilst we address what is important for you and your life with common sense.

I live with my husband and two daughters in Oosterbeek, a village in the middle of the most varied and beautiful part of the Netherlands. Still, Amsterdam Airport and the border to my second home Germany are close by so I can easily visit you and give you the clarity, relief and control that you deserve.

Interested in taking back control of your life?