Either you run the day,
or the day runs you

Either you run the day,
or the day runs you

Your productivity coach for flow, focus and productivity

Emails, messages, team meetings all on top of the chores and daily bustle of a family life. You feel out of control, your attention is scattered, your motivation is rock bottom, and you have no idea where to start.

More focus and impact at work, more energy and peace of mind at home, that is what you are looking for. You want to take matters back into your own hands.
I help you organise your workspace: your e-mail, your calendar, your to-do list and your desk.

I am Mieneke, your productivity coach, sharp-eyed with a pragmatic and gentle approach.


Your life has become an energy-draining juggling act. You feel completely flat and burnt out. During one-to-one work sessions, I help you gain back control of your work life and you will notice the benefits from day one.


You are successful, but daily firefighting fragments your focus. Realising your strategic and tactical goals proves to be difficult. I coach you to increase your focus while I complement your working style and habits with best practices.


Vitality, personal performance and visible results matter to you. My programmes get the best out of your employees right from the start, whether I coach people individually or your entire department.

Does this strike a chord?

What you want at the end of the day

How I can help

I am Mieneke, productivity coach. I organise your workplace, both physical and digital.

Do you want to take back control of your life?


Perceptive, experienced, no-nonsense, but always with the person in focus I improved business processes for many years. I started off with on-the-job training within supply chain and production planning, but grew into the area of personal productivity. With a warm approach, I lure you out of your comfort zone and let you rise above yourself. I’m only happy if your new habits and processes fit you, make you proud and make you back in control.

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